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Improve your Farmville farm by planting automatically


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Farmville is a Flash game that's caused an uproar among Facebook users. The aim of the game is to plant, sow, collect, feed the livestock, and, of course, try to get more points and have the best farm out of your group of friends.

Getting a farm that's full of animals, getting the plants to bear fruit, and collecting that fruit could take hours in front of the screen. But with the help of Farm Helper you can leave your farmer to work by himself, without you having to click on the screen. Farm Helper take care of organizing his actions.

It's very easy: just look at the options offered by Farm Helper and select everything you want it to do:

- Harvest

- Plow

- Seed

- Collect Animals

- Harvest Trees

- Coins for XP

You'll see that your Farmville production will soar. It doesn't matter if you have to go out with friends: by leaving your computer on and connected to Facebook, Farmville and Farm Helper will do its job. When you come back, you'll find your points have skyrocketed.

It's great! Make your contacts jealous and have the best farm of all your friends. Farmville holds no secrets for Farm Helper.

Before starting to use Farm Helper, you need to contain your farmer inside fences or bales of hay: that way he can sow, collect, and plough without even having to move.


Trial version is fully functional for four days.

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